Mount Pleasant Supplements

The Mt. Pleasant O’Quinn School

2017 Fall Supplement Descriptions

September 11-December 1, 2017



Miss Heidi’s Tumble Time:  Open to 2K, 3K, 4K & Kindergarten

Tumble Time is an exciting combination of gymnastics, coordination & basic body movement incorporated with rhymes & music specifically for children 2 to 6 years old. Children are taught gymnastics skills in a progression style on junior-sized Olympic style equipment.   Heidi Davidson is a nationally recognized Kinder Accredited Instructor.  All participants will be awarded a gold medal on the last day of this session!!!  Attire:  TT students should wear stretchy clothing and closed shoes.

Heidi Davidson, , (843)-324-7999

Mrs. Masters’ Manners:  Open to EH 4K & Kindergarten

Mrs. Masters’ Manners class is especially designed to make manners fun!  We learn and practice a myriad of manners from simple ‘please & thank you’ to the proper way to use a knife and fork.  Some of the topics we cover include:  dining in a restaurant, traveling on a plane, behaving at a playdate and birthday parties.  The children will have the opportunity to dine at “Mrs. Masters’ Restaurant”, fly on O’Quinn Airlines to Disney World, celebrate at a birthday party, & other scenarios in which we will play and use our manners!  Please join in the fun!

Suzanne Masters, , (843)881-8506

Karate: Open to 4K & Kindergarten

Sensei David and Sensei Anne Pettus, owners of School of Empty Hand Art, will open the world of Karate to your child while exercising their minds and bodies.  “Focus” and “discipline” are buzzwords you will hear in these classes.  Students will learn about appropriate “Karate” behavior to use in and out of Karate class.  Attire:  Karate t-shirts and pants are available for sale if desired.

David & Anne Pettus, , (843)-762-4311.



Drama-Rama:  Open to EH and Lunch Bunch 4K & Kindergarten

Our very own Andria Bradley will encourage her drama students to express themselves through creative movement, storytelling, puppetry, visual art, imagination and theatre.  Drama allows children to interact in a group and gain self-confidence through games, cooperation and taking turns while supporting and encouraging each other.  Drama increases awareness of self and others in the world around us…but most of all, drama expands our imaginations while having lots of fun!

Please note that this class size is limited to 8 students. Andria Bradley,

Gymboree Sports:  Open to 2K, 3K, 4K, & Kindergarten

It’s the wide world of sports, Gymboree-style!  Perfect for active 2-5 year olds, children learn new sports throughout the school year.  We encourage a true love of sports in a fun, non-competitive, developmentally appropriate way.  Each semester’s activities are new as we throw, catch, run, jump, sing, use our imaginations, dance, exercise, and learn to love games!! Some of the sports we will coach include:  football, basketball, tumbling, volleyball, lacrosse, track & field, kickball & more!

In sports class, we establish the building blocks of motor skills and the coordination needed to proceed into the wide world of sports!  We want children to learn how much fun playing sports and staying fit can be!  Attire:  Comfortable clothing and non-slippery shoes for safety.

Melanie Slattery, 803-446-1257,



SEA Kids (Science, Engineering & Art):  Open to 3K EH, 4K LB & EH and 5K EH

Join in the weekly adventure as SEA Kids bring simple stories to life.  We will explore the stories by making cool projects and engaging in hands-on learning.  The activities are planned to inspire natural inquiry and enhance a foundation in science, engineering and art.  Kids who tinker and create will build a brighter tomorrow.

Pam Cozart,

Wee Little Arts:  Open to 3K, 4K, and Kindergarten 
Wee Little Arts is a visual arts curriculum for young children. Using art history and age appropriate children’s literature, students are exposed to a wide range of visual art concepts. Vocabulary, use of materials, discussion, imagination and creation are only some of the wonderful things addressed in this class. Each session builds upon the previous session, focusing on the PROCESS that creates the Masterpiece! Elements of art and drawing (to include our famous self-portraits) will be done this first semester.  Classes begin at the brilliant age of 3!
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Melissa Bradshaw, 843-345-8174,
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Stretch n’ Grow-Dance: Open to 3K, 4K & Kindergarten

Stretch-n-Grow’s certified dance instructors will have the children dancing all semester long as they prepare for their onsite recital held the last day of class.  The theme for the recital will be “A BIG APPLE HOLIDAY.”

Dancing Stars by Stretch-n-Grow is a developmental dance class that incorporates ballet technique, posture, balance, gross and fine motor development, flexibility, grace, poise and FUN all designed to give our little ones a foundation for jazz and ballet!   Comfortable clothing requested.  Ballet shoes SUGGESTED!

Rebecca Bott,  (843)-697-6411


Kids in the Kitchen:  Open to EH & Lunch Bunch 4K & Kindergarten

KIK is a hands-on “disguised” learning experience!  Without even realizing it, children learn math, science and reading as they measure, mix and follow recipes! The children get messy and sticky mixing their creative concoctions. Our very own Chef, Johannah Johnson Morgan, enjoys exposing the children to healthy and tasty culinary cuisine!  KIK is offered to 4K and Kindergarten students.

Johannah Morgan,

Little Yoga Sprouts:  Open to 2K, 3K, 4K & Kindergarten

Therease Metivier earned the Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification and began teaching yoga in preschools in the Charleston area three and a half years ago.  Her approach to teaching children yoga is to make it fun, while teaching the three B’s of yoga:  Brain (focus), Body (postures), Breath (relaxation and energizing techniques).  She believes yoga promotes a healthier self-esteem and strengthens the body through movement using music, dance, and props!  Kids Yoga brings a sense of peace, confidence, and joy to all who participate.  Through partner poses and storytelling, her students explore how their bodies move and flow with ease.  She looks forward to doing some fun yoga with your child this year!

Attire:  Cool and comfortable clothing.

Therease Metivier,


Que Pasa-Spanish for Kids:  Open to 2K, 3K, 4K & Kindergarten

Canta, baila, salta, corre,

Sing, dance, jump, run.

This class is a super active way to learn Spanish!  Children will become familiar with a new language through dynamic play time with the help of songs, mesmerizing stories, games and vigorous silly dancing.  Your child will learn a wide range of topics in Spanish from greetings, numbers, seasons, family, animals, etc. to holidays and festivities.

There is no better way to get a head start in languages and languages are the best way to get a head start in life! Jump on board!

Gala Guiba Guerrero,, , (843) 742 2044.

Soccer: Open to 3K, 4K & Kindergarten

Tikes Soccer and Futsal is offered each Friday.  Jackson Soccer Development/Elite Futsal Charleston will bring a fresh perspective to teaching our children about the games of soccer and futsal (the fastest growing form of indoor soccer in the US). This is a high energy class filled with exciting twists on skill development. Emphasis is placed on building character through teamwork and spirited competition. Non-stop action and fun are guaranteed in each uniquely designed session.   Attire:  Athletic clothing and closed toe shoes requested. No cleats or shin guards needed – training shirts are available for an additional charge of $15/each.

Keven Jackson & Sara Powell, or or contact us at