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November Is Harvest Time!

Virtue Of The Month – Respect


The O’Quinn School two’s will be learning about life in a Big Red Barn!  We will be exploring:  Who lives on a farm?  What grows on a farm?  Moo, Neigh, Baa…which barnyard animal am I and how am I important to the food we eat every day?  As we talk about where our food comes from, we will also focus on the importance of giving thanks and sharing with others.


We are so thankful to begin the busy month of November!  We will be focusing on the letters H, I and J, as well as the numeral 4.  Of course our classrooms will also be filled with Thanksgiving activities.  We will talk about all the things we are so thankful to have in our lives.  It will be especially exciting to prepare a Thanksgiving feast to share with our friends…we may even see some Native Americans and Pilgrims!!


What a busy month the fours are getting ready to have!  We will introduce the numeral 5 and the letter  L, create a Leafman, do leaf rubbings and practice the Limbo!  The letter “N” follows, where we will make newspaper N’s and  a newspaper puzzle out of our name.   Our Thanksgiving feast will teach us about the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.   We’ll learn about gratefulness and why we truly are grateful for our friends, teachers and school.


Kindergarten November News!

In reading this month we will finish the theme Finding Friends. Our letters will be Cc,long Aa sound,Pp, and Ss. Our math study will explore ordinal numbers, fewest and most as related to quantities and the introduction of addition facts. Our unit of study will be Native Americans which will culminate in a great Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday, Nov. 24th  at 10:00 am. We have another exciting field trip planned to Porter Gaud for the 1st grade performance of the play, “The First Thanksgiving”, on Thursday, Nov. 19th  . We also have The Charleston Museum coming for an in school program on Animals A to Z to conclude our afternoon habitat study on Tuesday, Nov.10th .  Don’t forget parent conferences on Friday, Nov.6th !

 Take a look at the very busy month of October at The O’Quinn School! 

Virtue Of The Month – Trustworthiness


The month of October is a fun place to be at O’Quinn as we welcome Fall Fun!  With the weather hopefully beginning to cool off, we can explore the beauty that fall brings with the many changing colors of the leaves.  Have you seen Sam the Scarecrow?  Be on the lookout!   October is a great time to talk about Fire Safety and we’ll enjoy a visit from our local firemen, truck and all!  Pumpkin, Pumpkin!  We might plant one or two, then carve our own Jack-O-Happy or Jack-O-Scary pumpkin face creation.  The month ends with a grand Halloween celebration which includes a spooky carnival and treats!  See you there!

Skills we are working on this month

  • Washing our hands independently

Books we will be reading this month:

Pumpkin Pumpkin             By: Jeanne Titherington

Flashing Fire Engines               By: Tony Mitton

Ten Orange Pumpkins          By: Stephen Savage

We’re going on a Leaf Hunt   By: Steve Metzger

Autumn is in the air and the 3’s couldn’t be more excited about all the special activities October brings.  We will be learning about beautiful fall colors, falling leaves, farm animals and fire safety.  We will also be exploring our classroom “Farmer’s Market!”  Of course we are always excited to talk about pumpkins and lots of Halloween fun!  The children will also be learning about the letters  E, F,G and the numeral 3!  What a busy month!


Throughout October, the 4’s will be introduced to the letters Y, G, P, S and L, along with the numerals 3 and 4.  The firetruck is coming too!   October is the month we celebrate “Pumpkins with Pops” which is when our daddies will visit our classrooms to help us carve a scary pumpkin.   We will also make our very own “Leaf Man” for the letter L.   The Halloween carnival and our Halloween party will close out this busy month –  It’s great to be in the 4’s!


Kindergarten News!

Pumpkin Math is our main unit this month, as well as an exploration on Safety and Halloween. Each child will bring in a pumpkin on Wed. Oct. 7, weighing 3 lbs. or less for this unit. Please do not let your child weigh the pumpkin before it is brought to class, because this will be part of their study.  Additionally, math focus will include learning geometric terms and shapes along with numeral formation of 7-9.  Reading will include finishing the theme, Shadows, and beginning the theme Finding Friends. Our letters of the week are Ii, long sound, Jj, Kk, and Oo, long sound.   Afternoon enrichment will introduce  wildlife habitats, particularly the black bear, urban habitats, animal tracks, and a leaf study for the fall weather. Don’t forget our first field trip to Porter-Gaud on Friday, Oct. 2 for a fun and exciting field day!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

Virtue of the Month – Friendliness


We are all so excited to share a year of fun and learning with you and your children. During the months of August and September,  the children will be growing accustomed to their new surroundings, teachers and friends.  Thank you for sharing them with us!

This Month…

Themes we are exploring:

“Welcome to School”

“Let’s Get Acquainted”

“All About Me”

“My Body Parts”

“The Five Senses”


Books we are reading: 

From Head to Toe                                By: Eric Carle

The Way I Feel                                    By: Janan Cain

I Love School                                       By: Philemon Sturges

Ten Apples Up On Top                          By: Dr. Seuss

WOW! School!                                     By: Robert Neubecker


Welcome to the “Terrific Threes!”  We are thrilled to begin this new school year!  The children will have so much fun as they explore their classrooms, meet their teachers and make lots of new friends!  Our busy classrooms will be full of fun and discovery as we learn about the letters A, B, C and D, as well as the numerals 1 and 2.  We will also be reading and reciting some wonderful and traditional nursery rhymes.  The children will be able to experience these rhymes through various art, musical and sensory activities! What a great start to a new year!!


Welcome to the Fabulous Fours!

Magnificent Me – That’s right!  Our first unit is all about ourselves and what makes us wonderful and special.  We will make a book about our favorite things and talk about what is different and the same about each of us.  We also will discover our different classroom centers by learning how to take care of them while playing. Our letters this month are M, F, J, K and Y and numerals will include 0 – 2.  We are on a new playground this year, so we get to stretch and grow in lots of new ways!   What a great start to what promises to be an exciting year!


Welcome to Kindergarten! Our unit is Me and the World Around Us! Activities include making “Me Bodies”, painting our state and our country and exploring the 7 continents. Reading will focus on the theme, School, and our letters of the week are Mm, Aa, Ee, and Ff. All of the children will receive their very own Sight Word Bag and Learning Fun Bag on Tuesday, Sept.8th  . Our math focus includes graphing, sorting, counting, comparing, grouping and directional words. We will also concentrate on numeral formation 0-6. Don’t forget Show and Tell every Friday with items beginning or ending with the letter of the week.

Welcome To Summer Camp – 2015


Bubbles & Bugs, Mud Pies & Sandcastles, Painting & Puddles

Our newest little campers will have a wonderful time exploring ideas such as camping, cooking, kites, trikes, dress-up, drums and all things related to summertime FUN!  Our experienced staff will introduce the 2’s to a loving and secure environment where they will be free to discover and explore their new school and meet new friends!

3’s, 4’s and 5’s – Adventures With Pete The Cat

May 26 – 29 – Pete Takes The Field

     This week is filled with relaxed sporting activities that will have everyone moving and staying active both indoors and out.  There will be lots to learn about team work in a noncompetitive environment .  We’ll play, exercise and learn to be a team player!

June 1 – 5 – Pete Goes Camping

     All that goes with the outdoor camping experience will fill our classrooms this week.  Experiencing the fun of cookouts, learning about summer insects and pitching tents all come together to create fun in the great outdoors!

June 8 – 12 – Pete Visits The Zoo

     Inhabitants of the zoo are unique and fun.  There is always more to learn and this is the week to do it!  Their habitats, diets, behaviors and lifestyles will all be explored.  Everyone is sure to come away with something new!

June 15 – 19 – Pete’s Groovy Colors

     The artist in everyone will come out this week.  Various colors and media will be used and creative masterpieces will be the result.  Clear a special wall in your home for some exciting new exhibits!

June 22 – 26 – Pete The Pirate

Pirates have captivated children for ages and we are delighted to bring their adventures to camp.  We’ll follow maps to discover hidden treasures, learn about ships sailing the ocean blue and have so much fun immersing ourselves in a pirate’s way of life.

June 29 – July 3 – All American Pete

     Happy July 4th is the theme this week.  Once we have made our red, white and blue hats, streamers and flags, we’ll take to the sunny outdoors  for our annual O’Quinn parade.  The children will be all smiles as they wish America a very “Happy Birthday!”

July 6 – 10 – Pete Gets Wet
Here in the heat of summer, what could be better than a water theme! All week long we’ll be experimenting with water, getting a little wet at times and loving every minute of it! The children will hear the word “conservation,” understand why it is important and learn the significance of water to our planet. Why is it essential to keep our oceans, rivers and lakes healthy? We’ll find out!

July 13 – 17 – Pete Gets A Job
What should I be when I grow up? This is a fun area to explore with young children and sometimes their answers surprise us! We’ll highlight various occupations and have play areas set up in the classrooms that will allow children to role play and have fun with pretend.

July 20 – 24 – Pete The Builder
We plan to build with so much more than blocks! A child’s imagination can make excellent use of boxes, buttons, pipe cleaners, wheels, spools and so much more. We’ll bring the materials and your children will bring the fun. Hopefully, you’ll have a chance to stop in to see what unfolds!

July 27 – 31 – Pete Goes To Africa
This week finds Pete getting adventurous! We’ll travel alongside our favorite cat to the continent of Africa where diamonds and gold can be found. Safaris might show us elephants, zebras, lions, tigers and more. How educational and fun!

Aug. 3 – 7 – Pete The Scientist
During our final week of Summer Camp, Pete will invite us to join him in discovering the what, how and why of everyday occurrences. This is the beginning of science when inquisitive little minds are given the opportunity to ask questions and experiment with different answers. We are all sure to learn a thing or two!