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Welcome To Summer Camp – 2015


Bubbles & Bugs, Mud Pies & Sandcastles, Painting & Puddles

Our newest little campers will have a wonderful time exploring ideas such as camping, cooking, kites, trikes, dress-up, drums and all things related to summertime FUN!  Our experienced staff will introduce the 2’s to a loving and secure environment where they will be free to discover and explore their new school and meet new friends!

3’s, 4’s and 5’s – Adventures With Pete The Cat

May 26 – 29 – Pete Takes The Field

     This week is filled with relaxed sporting activities that will have everyone moving and staying active both indoors and out.  There will be lots to learn about team work in a noncompetitive environment .  We’ll play, exercise and learn to be a team player!

June 1 – 5 – Pete Goes Camping

     All that goes with the outdoor camping experience will fill our classrooms this week.  Experiencing the fun of cookouts, learning about summer insects and pitching tents all come together to create fun in the great outdoors!

June 8 – 12 – Pete Visits The Zoo

     Inhabitants of the zoo are unique and fun.  There is always more to learn and this is the week to do it!  Their habitats, diets, behaviors and lifestyles will all be explored.  Everyone is sure to come away with something new!

June 15 – 19 – Pete’s Groovy Colors

     The artist in everyone will come out this week.  Various colors and media will be used and creative masterpieces will be the result.  Clear a special wall in your home for some exciting new exhibits!

June 22 – 26 – Pete The Pirate

Pirates have captivated children for ages and we are delighted to bring their adventures to camp.  We’ll follow maps to discover hidden treasures, learn about ships sailing the ocean blue and have so much fun immersing ourselves in a pirate’s way of life.

June 29 – July 3 – All American Pete

     Happy July 4th is the theme this week.  Once we have made our red, white and blue hats, streamers and flags, we’ll take to the sunny outdoors  for our annual O’Quinn parade.  The children will be all smiles as they wish America a very “Happy Birthday!”

July 6 – 10 – Pete Gets Wet
Here in the heat of summer, what could be better than a water theme! All week long we’ll be experimenting with water, getting a little wet at times and loving every minute of it! The children will hear the word “conservation,” understand why it is important and learn the significance of water to our planet. Why is it essential to keep our oceans, rivers and lakes healthy? We’ll find out!

July 13 – 17 – Pete Gets A Job
What should I be when I grow up? This is a fun area to explore with young children and sometimes their answers surprise us! We’ll highlight various occupations and have play areas set up in the classrooms that will allow children to role play and have fun with pretend.

July 20 – 24 – Pete The Builder
We plan to build with so much more than blocks! A child’s imagination can make excellent use of boxes, buttons, pipe cleaners, wheels, spools and so much more. We’ll bring the materials and your children will bring the fun. Hopefully, you’ll have a chance to stop in to see what unfolds!

July 27 – 31 – Pete Goes To Africa
This week finds Pete getting adventurous! We’ll travel alongside our favorite cat to the continent of Africa where diamonds and gold can be found. Safaris might show us elephants, zebras, lions, tigers and more. How educational and fun!

Aug. 3 – 7 – Pete The Scientist
During our final week of Summer Camp, Pete will invite us to join him in discovering the what, how and why of everyday occurrences. This is the beginning of science when inquisitive little minds are given the opportunity to ask questions and experiment with different answers. We are all sure to learn a thing or two!