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The twos are all so excited to share a year of fun and learning with you and your children. During the months of August and September, the children will be getting accustomed to their new surroundings, teachers and friends.

Thank you for sharing them with us!

This Month…

Themes we are exploring:

“Welcome to School”

“Let’s Get Acquainted”

“All About Me”

“My Body Parts”

“The Five Senses”


Books we are reading:

From Head to Toe                               By: Eric Carle

The Way I Feel                                  By: Janan Cain

I Love School                                     By: Philemon Sturges

Ten Apples up on Top                          By: Dr. Seuss

WOW! School!                                   By: Robert Neubecker

Skills we are working on:

Sitting at the table for snack

Drinking from a cup

Help at home by using a regular cup at meal times!

Welcome to the “Terrific Threes!”  We are thrilled to begin this new school year!  The children will have so much fun as they explore their classrooms, meet their teachers and make lots of new friends!  Our busy classrooms will be full of fun and discovery as we learn about the letters A, B, C and D, as well as the numerals 1 and 2.  We will also be reading and reciting some wonderful and traditional nursery rhymes.  The children will be able to experience these rhymes through various art, musical and sensory activities!  What a great start to a new year!!


The fours classes are excited about the beginning of a new year!   As we begin making new friends and memories during the first few weeks, we will also be getting acquainted and learning all about our new routine. We will introduce our Handwriting Without Tears program, learn all about Mat Man and begin concentrating on name writing. Our unit of study is Magnificent Me and My Friends, so be on the lookout for many fun activities around this theme.  Each student will have the opportunity to bring home the Me Box. This is a show and share activity for each child to bring in on their assigned day. Our letters this month are L, F, E, H and T.  Finally, we’ll introduce our math program , Get Set for School .  Each week, new math concepts are added  that build on one another throughout the year. We are so excited to get things started !


Welcome to Kindergarten! Our unit is Me and the World Around Us!  Activities include making “me bodies”, painting our state and our country and exploring the 7 continents. Reading will focus on the theme, School, and our letters of the week are Mm, Aa, Ee, and Ff.  All of the children will receive their very own sight word bag and Learning Fun bag on Tuesday, Sept.6th . Our math focus includes graphing, sorting, counting, comparing, grouping and directional words. We will also concentrate on numeral formation 0-6. Don’t forget Show and Tell every Friday with items beginning or ending with the letter of the week.

 Welcome To Summer Camp – 2016


Bubbles & Bugs, Mud Pies and Sandcastles, Painting and  Puddles!

     Our newest little campers will have a wonderful time exploring ideas such as camping, cooking, kites, trikes, dress-up, drums and all things related to summertime FUN!  Our experienced staff will introduce the 2’s to a loving and secure environment where they will be free to discover and explore their new school and meet new friends!

3’s, 4’s and 5’s – Curious George Learns Local, Plays Local

May 23rd – 27th – Happy Campers Meet Curious George – Special Guest – Rob Fowler!

Everyone’s favorite little monkey will be our tour guide this summer as we visit and explore all things local.  Come see what adventures and surprises he has in store for O’Quinn’s young campers!

May 31st – June 3rd – The Beach Is Calling – Special Guest – South Carolina Aquarium!

Do monkeys love the water?  Curious George does and he’s ready to take us along.  Let’s find out what swims in the ocean and why we are so lucky to have this beautiful beach in our city’s backyard.

June  6th  – June 10th  – Monkeying Around At The Country Fair – Special Guest – Sam The Clown!

One day at the fair is never enough!  There are games, the Farmer’s Market, face painting and more.  Come join Curious George as he makes the rounds!

June  13th – June 17th – Curious George Creates A Masterpiece – Special Guest – Mount Pleasant Library!

This week will be splashed in color from a variety of sources to honor all Dads!  Follow along with George as he colors, paints, draws and creates Lowcountry art, treating Dad to breakfast and a trip to the O’Quinn Art Gallery!

June  20th – 24th – Hooked On Books – Special Guest – Children’s Book Author, Andrea Weathers!

     Curious George has discovered the magic of books and he can’t wait to share the learning and entertainment they provide!  He finds them at home, school, stores, libraries and just about everywhere he looks – come take a peek!

June 27th – July 1st – 3 Cheers For The Red, White and Blue – Special Guest – The Yorktown!

Curious George invites you to celebrate the USA – Happy Birthday to this great country of ours as we decorate, sing and march around!

July 5th – July 8th – Monkey See, Monkey Do – Special Guest – The Shell Man!

Let’s find out what sights there are to see in the Lowcountry and what is here to do in our hometown.  You won’t be disappointed – let Curious George lead the way!

July 11th – 15th – Curious George Lends A Helping Hand – Special Guest – Firemen!

From firemen and policemen to builders and recyclers, all community helpers are special.  Let’s get involved and lend a helping hand!

July 18th – 22nd – On The Go – Special Guest – Charleston Bicycle Company!

When Curious George is ready to go, how does he move?  Will he ride a bus, a car, a boat or pedal a bike?  Remember the journey is half the fun!

July 25th – 29th – I Wonder – Special Guest – A Magician and Mount Pleasant Library!

How, where, why and why not?  This is right up Curious George’s alley as he investigates science and magic to get some answers.  Come explore and learn the fun way!

August 1st – 5th – Get Your Game On – Special Guest – Gymnasts!