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December 2017

Virtue Of The Month – Compassion

Reaching out to a friend who might be having a hard day, giving to those less fortunate or even dropping off food to a pet shelter are ways adults can demonstrate compassion.  Children are watching and absorbing what we do – what powerful teaching moments!


It’s “Laura Numeroff  Month” in the 2’s!  You will find us reading books by this beloved children’s author throughout the month of December, including “If You give a Mouse a Cookie,” “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” and “If You Give a Moose a Muffin.”  These creative stories will expose the children to sequencing, cause and effect, cooking, and more!  There’s lots of excitement centered around the holiday season, so our color of the month is red and our shape is a star. We will also practice the fun skills of scooping, pouring, and filling containers!


December is an engaging time in the 3’s!!  It is especially exciting to look forward to our Holiday Program.  The children have been practicing special holiday songs for all to enjoy.  We will also celebrate one of our favorite holiday stories… The Polar Express.  Wearing our pajamas to school, riding on our classroom train and drinking hot chocolate will surely get us into the holiday spirit. Of course, we will still be learning lots of new things…our letters of the month are K ,L, and M and our number is 5. Classrooms will be busy sorting, exploring, and crafting!  Happy Holidays!


December has arrived and the 4’s are in the holiday spirit!  This month will be all about the winter holidays.  Class trees are up and soon will be decorated with homemade snowmen, candy canes, reindeer, and star ornaments.  There will be hand drawn Rudolphs, elves, and menorahs as well as holiday stories and many festive songs. The children have been busy practicing for the Holiday Program and we can’t wait for our families to see these amazing shows. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!


Kindergarten December News!

 Reading journals will coincide with our sounds presented,  Pp ,Aa, Hh, Tt, Oo and Nn.  We’re excited to introduce a unit on Traditions Around the World, which is also the theme for our Holiday Program that takes place on Monday, December 11th at 9 am. Each child received their part to learn for the program on Monday, Nov. 27th.   A field trip to sing our program songs at Sweetgrass Village Assisted Living on Thurs., Dec. 14th  has been organized and   Mrs. Myers will accompany us with her harp!  Holiday parties are Friday, Dec. 15th where the children will have the opportunity to decorate gingerbread houses.  This is sure to be an educational, busy and best of all, a fun-filled month!


November – 2017

Virtue Of The Month – Respect 

Taking care of supplies and toys, using good manners and following the school rules are all ways of showing respect.  We plan to catch the children using this virtue at school and reward with Dazzling Dolphin prizes!  When you catch them at home, what will you do?


The 2’s are getting down on the farm in November!  How exciting to have fun with all the barnyard animals, learn what it means to be a farmer and find out about all the vegetables that can be harvested!  We will also become familiar with the color brown and the triangle shape.

This fun theme will be explored through some adorable books:

Driving My Tractor  by Jan Dobbins and David Sim

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Creak, Pop-Pop by Jim Aylesworth

The Farmyard Cat by Christine Anello

Today Is Monday by Eric Carle

Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert


We are very thankful to begin the busy month of November.  Our focus will be on the letters H, I and J, as well as the number 4.  Of course, our creative classrooms will be filled with festive art and Thanksgiving activities as we address all we are thankful for in our lives.  It will be especially exciting as the children work together to prepare a Thanksgiving feast to share with friends…we may even see some Native Americans and Pilgrims!!


The 4’s will be busy this month learning all about the first Thanksgiving.  Working on a Native American book, making costumes to wear for classroom feasts along with learning about letters O and Q and numbers 8 and 9 are all fun and educational.  We will also discuss what we are thankful for and what traditions our families have to celebrate Thanksgiving.  On Wednesday, November 8th, the 4’s classes will welcome the Charleston Museum for an in-house field trip on Native American artifacts.  Parent Conferences are scheduled for Friday, November 10th and we are excited to discuss the progress all your children are making.


Kindergarten News

In reading this month, we will finish with the theme Finding Friends and begin the theme, The Wind. Our math study will explore ordinal numbers, fewest and most, as related to quantities and the introduction of addition facts. Our unit of study will include Native Americans, habitats of the people and animals and friendships with the pilgrims. This educational unit will culminate in a great Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday, Nov. 21st  with the entire school!   We have another exciting field trip planned to Porter-Gaud on Thursday, Nov. 16th for the 1st grade performance of the play, “The First Thanksgiving.”   Finally, The Charleston Museum is coming on Monday, Nov. 13th.  This in-school program will focus on Animals A to Z to coincide with our habitat study.  Please remember we have parent conferences on Friday, Nov.3rd.


October – 2017

Virtue Of The Month – Trustworthiness

            Now that we are all in a routine, it’s time to pat our children on the back.  Transitioning from home to school involves being trustworthy – a big step for little ones.  Trusting teachers to care for, teach, love and nurture until safe and sound back home is a quality to commend.  Be sure to mention how proud you are!


October is full of Fall Fun for the 2’s!  You’ll be sure to hear about the adventures on a leaf hunt and the life cycle of a pumpkin.  October is Fire Prevention Month and the local fire department will pay a visit that includes a chance for children to sit in the firetruck and spend time with firefighters.  What a fun way to learn fire safety! Finally, who’s getting ready for Halloween?  The 2’s are as costumes and the carnival are on the horizon.

Books we will be reading this month:

“Pumpkin, Pumpkin”   by: Jeanne Titherington

“Flashing Fire Engines”   by: Tony Mitton

“Ten Orange Pumpkins”   by: Stephen Savage

“We’re going on a Leaf Hunt”  by: Steve Metzger


Autumn is in the air and the 3’s couldn’t be more excited about all the special activities October brings.  We will be learning about beautiful fall colors, falling leaves, farm animals and fire safety in addition to exploring our classroom “farmer’s market.”   Of course we are always excited to talk about pumpkins and lots of Halloween fun!  The children will also be learning about the letters  E, F,G and the numeral 3.


Fall is in the air and we are so excited for all the fun about to happen in the 4’s classes. This month we will begin a new unit called Fall Harvest, which involves talking all about the changes that come with this season. Our dramatic play centers will transform into Farmer’s Markets and our sensory tables will be filled with colorful leaves, gourds and creepy crawlies for Halloween.  On October 18th, our Dads are invited to  carve pumpkins at our annual Pumpkins with Pops event. This festive month with culminate with the school Halloween Carnival and class parties, so be sure to check backpacks daily for fun and creative Halloween art projects .We can’t wait to see the children dressed in their costumes!   Our letters this month are I, U, and C and our numerals are 5-7.


Kindergarten News

Our units this month are an exploration of trees, constellations and bats. We will have lots of fun investigating different types of trees and leaf rubbings, examining the night sky through various medians and learning all we can about the nocturnal bat as Halloween approaches. Reading will focus on finishing the theme, Shadows, and beginning the theme Finding Friends. Our writing letters are Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu and Vv. Our math study will include learning geometric terms and shapes and numeral formation 7-9.  Don’t forget our first field trip to Porter-Gaud on Friday, Oct. 6th for an action packed and exciting field day!

September 2017

Virtue Of The Month – Friendliness

            What a great opportunity we all have this time of the year to teach children how to make new friends.  A smile, an introduction or sharing a toy are all fun tools that start those friendships rolling – let’s be sure to encourage friendliness!


The  2’s team is looking forward to a wonderful school year and welcoming our new friends to school. We will spend the month exploring our classroom and getting acquainted with new friends. We will also learn a bit about ourselves, as we talk about how our body moves with play and about our feelings. Our shape of the month is the circle and our featured color is yellow!  We are off to a busy start!


Welcome to the “Terrific 3’s!”   We are thrilled to begin this new school year!  The children will have so much fun as they explore their classrooms, meet their teachers and make lots of new friends.   Our busy classrooms will be full of fun and discovery as we learn about the letters A, B, C and D, as well as the numerals 1 and 2.  We will also be reading and reciting some wonderful and traditional nursery rhymes.  The children will be able to experience these rhymes through various art, music and sensory activities! What a great start to a new year!!


The 4’s classes are so excited to welcome new friends to their classes. This month we will be settling in to our routines and getting to know one another better. We will introduce our Handwriting Without Tears program and begin learning about the letters L, F, E, H and T.  “Magnificent Me & My Friends” is our initial unit and every child will have an opportunity to bring home the “Me Box.”  This is a great language building activity for the children to share special things about themselves with their classmates.  We can’t wait to see everyone’s special treasures.  We are so excited to have your children at O’Quinn and are looking forward to a fantastic and memorable year.


Kindergarten News

Welcome to Kindergarten!  Our unit for the first week is the Solar Eclipse. This will be followed by the units, ” All About Me” and “ Me on the Map”, investigating our world to our very own city, Charleston.  Activities include making “All About Me posters”, painting our state and our country and exploring the 7 continents. Reading will focus on the theme, School, and our writing letters  are Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, and Ll. Each child will receive his/her very own sight word bag and Learning Fun bag on Tuesday, Sept.5th . Our math focus includes graphing, sorting, counting, comparing, grouping and directional words. We will also concentrate on numeral formation 0-6.  Don’t forget Show and Tell every Friday with the item correlating to our unit of study.

Welcome to Summer Camp



Bubbles & Bugs, Mud Pies and Sandcastles, Painting and Puddles!

   Our newest little campers will have a wonderful time exploring ideas such as camping, cooking, kites, trikes, dress-up, drums and all things related to summertime FUN!  Our experienced staff will introduce the 2’s to a loving and secure environment where they will be free to discover and explore their new school and meet new friends!

3’s, 4’s, and 5’s – Imagination Station – We Help Little Minds Grow!

Stop # 1 – May 22 – 26

Movin’ & Groovin’ Music Makers Station

Special Guests – David Kelly and Mark Bradley – Guitars

Special Event – Instrument Parade!

Stop # 2 – May 30 – June 2

Cooking Concoctions Station

Special Guest – Johannah Morgan

Special Event – Ice Cream Social!

Stop # 3 – June 5 – 9

Tropical Paradise Station

Special Guest – Kona Ice Truck & Aquarium

Special Event – Water Day and Bubbles

Stop # 4 – June 12 – 16

Inventor’s Workshop Station

Special Guest – Our Local Librarian

Special Events -Tour of Inventions From Recyclables and Annual Father’s Day Breakfast!

Stop # 5 – June 19 – 23

Treasure Hunt Fitness Quest Station

Special Event – Fitness-Partner Circuit Treasure Hunt in the Gym!

Stop # 6 – June 26 – 30

Party In The USA Station

Special Guest – Charlie the River Dog, Kona Ice Truck

Special Event – 4th Of July Parade (on Friday 6/30)

Stop # 7 – July 3 – 7

Ooey Gooey Mad Science Station

Special Guest – John Murray

Special Event – 4 Stations of Science Experiments in the Gym!

Stop # 8 – July 10 – 14

Wacky & Wonderful Outside Of The Box Station

Special Guest – Robert Hopkins, The Shell Man, Kona Ice Truck

Special Event – Create Your Own Box Town!

Stop # 9 – July 17 – 21

Kings, Queens & Castles Station

Special Guest – Magician & Librarian

Special Event – Medieval Feast

Stop # 10 – July 24 – 28

O’Quinn Artists’ Loft Station

Special Event – Art Gallery Crawl

Stop # 11 – July 31 – Aug. 4

Space Is The Place Station

Special Event – Blow-Up Planetarium In The Gym!