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We wish to extend a warm welcome to our newest little campers. Our 2’s will be busy all summer making new friends and learning to love O’Quinn. Summertime activities will abound as everyone adjusts to this new and exciting adventure!

3’s, 4’s and 5’s
July 7th – 11th
Let’s head out to The Pacific Northwest and explore the magic of the rainforest! Wearing our “rain gear” will allow lots of puddle splashing and adventure so bring it along. What else will we find? How tall are the famous redwoods? Have you ever seen a real volcano? This week is sure to be both educational and fun!

July 14th – 18th
Our National Parks are everywhere and, Oh – What fun is in store! There’s sure to be fishing, camping, hiking and a cookout or two, so throw on your backpack and we’ll teach you how to use a map and a compass as we make our way through!

July 21st – 25th
Now it’s time for The County Fair. Get ready to jump on hay rides, participate in sing-a-longs, swing your partner at the hoe-down and relax under the starry sky while enjoying musical shows and even a possible blue-ribbon. Don’t forget to pack your bag with goodies from the fair to share at home!

July 28th – August 1st
Down to The Deep South where the bayou awaits. Come enjoy the beauty of the magnolias, the foot-stomping Cajun music, ice cold watermelon and so much more. There’s history to learn and southern tales to tell. Ya’ll come on down, now!

August 4th – 8th
Our grand finale takes hold of our imagination. Let’s create our very own special place to visit, “Oquinnopolis”! As we wander through the hallway, visiting each destination will be sure to delight our campers as they check out each class’ creativity. Happy traveling!